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Financial Planning

“We have a unique relationship with our clients…..we place their interest first!”

What sets us apart...
*We are independent.
* We sell no products…just solutions to your problems.
* The competitive advantage is clear: “CPA Financial Planning Specialists”
* Our compensation is fees not commissions.
* Highest Ethical Standard, leading trusted advisor.

Financial planning is based on a long term relationship with a financial advisor and involves a comprehensive on-going approach to managing all aspects of a client’s financial life. LWM is equipped to provide its clients with a broad range of financial planning services. The client is free at all times to accept or reject any financial planning or investment recommendations.

* Did you know that only 4% of financial advisors today actually place the interest of their clients first….instead, the interest of the advisor’s firm is placed first….. Why? They’re selling their own commissioned based products. This is called a conflict of interest.

Financial planning is a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans. Through the financial planning process, all questions, information and analysis are considered as they impact and are impacted by the entire financial and life situation of the client.

In general, the financial plan can address any or all of the following areas:

  • PERSONAL: We review family records, budgeting, personal liability, estate information and financial goals.
  • TAX & CASH FLOW: We analyze the client’s income tax and spending and planning for past, current and future years; then illustrate the impact of various investments on the client's current income tax and future tax liability.
  • INVESTMENTS: We analyze investment alternatives and their effect on the client's portfolio.
  • INSURANCE: We review existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home and automobile.
  • RETIREMENT: We analyze current strategies and investment plans to help the client achieve his or her retirement goals.
  • DEATH & DISABILITY: We review the client’s cash needs at death, income needs of surviving dependents, estate planning and disability income.
  • ESTATE: We assist the client in assessing and developing long-term strategies, including as appropriate, living trusts, wills, review estate tax, powers of attorney, asset protection plans, nursing homes, Medicaid and elder law.

*Did you know a majority of advisors today lack a clear understanding of income taxes and its applicability? This is critical when considering that potentially a third of your income could be lost to federal income taxes?

We gather required information through in-depth personal interviews. Information gathered includes the client's current financial status, tax status, future goals, objectives and attitudes towards risk, time horizon, fears, and needs and wants. We carefully review documents supplied by the client, including a questionnaire completed by the client to help each client reach his or her desired results. Then prepare a written report. Implementation of financial plan recommendations is entirely at the client's discretion.

We also provide general non-securities advice on topics that may include tax and budgetary planning, estate planning and business planning.

*As registered investment advisers (RIA’s) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA's), we are required to place our client’s interest first, upholding a high fiduciary and ethical standard.

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